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Taking CVG Airport to New Heights With “Always Moving Forward” Campaign

Campaign | Design | Strategy

Project Details

Project Name

CVG Elevated Branding & Campaign




Cincinnati, OH

Evolving a brand and campaign system to support the upwards trajectory of one of the nation’s fastest-growing airports.

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) faced the challenge of redefining its brand to position itself as the premier destination for the region. CVG aimed to stand out from other regional airports, enticing both business and leisure travelers to choose them as their preferred airport.

Hyperquake partnered with CVG to craft an omni-channel campaign that not only targeted travelers but also addressed their unique needs and values. The central theme, “Always Moving Forward” was designed to resonate with the diverse and dynamic experiences of travelers.

Our Role

  • Aspirational Consumer Development
  • Brand Development
  • Brand/Business Strategy
  • Campaign Creation
  • Content Strategy and Development
  • Design
  • Positioning and Narrative
  • Storyline and Customer Journey
  • Strategic Communication Framework


Brand Element System – CVG’s graphic layouts are intentionally derivative of the airplane icon’s front wings. All patterns and icons are directionally positioned moving toward the right or upward, connoting positive movement forward.

Understanding the importance of meeting travelers at various stages of their journey, we developed a strategy that tapped into the values of both business and casual/leisure travelers. This approach allowed CVG to speak to different subsets of their target audience and capture the attention of potential travelers through various touch points in their travel planning.

To ensure a consistent and compelling message, Hyperquake provided CVG with campaign guidelines and a brand toolkit encompassing messaging and imagery. The team developed a copy matrix to guide communication with distinct audiences, tailoring creative elements specific to each traveler’s experience.

The campaign’s success was measured by its ability to increase the volume of new travelers choosing CVG. By creating a campaign that resonated with diverse audiences and considering their unique travel preferences, we successfully positioned CVG as the preferred airport in the region.

Our strategic approach not only addressed immediate branding needs but also equipped CVG’s marketing team with a versatile toolkit for future campaigns. The “Always Moving Forward” campaign laid the foundation for a cohesive brand strategy that speaks to the ever-evolving needs of travelers, ensuring CVG’s continued success as a destination for both business and leisure travelers.



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