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P&G Oral Care:
Powering a Smarter Brushing Experience

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Project Details

Project Name

CES LifeLab and Smile Station


Health & Wellness


Las Vegas, NV

Creating an immersive launch experience for one of the most well-known brands on the largest stage for global innovation.

After more than six years of market research, P&G was ready to introduce a revolutionary new product to the world at CES. The largest consumer technology conference in the world, CES has been the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for more than 50 years. But how would P&G break through all the noise to usher in a new era in brushing and oral care technology? Enter Hyperquake. The Hyperquake team created a compelling narrative journey and immersive experience that would not only stand out within the 4,000 square foot P&G LifeLab and CES trade show floor, but could also be mobilized across cities and events to come.

Our Role

  • Brand/Business Strategy
  • Content Strategy and Production
  • Digital Design
  • Event Logistics and Management
  • Experience Design
  • Interactive Design
  • Operational Strategy



  • Procter & Gamble
  • Oral-B
  • Midwest Studios
  • CGS Premier
  • Pixel Fiction

Experience Smarter

The new Oral-B iO brush is not just smart, it’s smarter. To showcase a product with more thoughtful design and precise engineering, we created a booth experience that was intentional in every detail. Central to the experience was an iconic display featuring an iO brush model enlarged to show every detail of its beautiful design.

Experience Technology

Part art, part story, the cutaway brush model highlights not just the bristles, but the innovative technology inside the iO brush: a linear magnetic motor, motion sensors, interactive app connectivity, and AI assisted real-time feedback refined by thousands of brushing sessions conducted during research. The larger-than-life (6’8” long) brush showcasing the smooth inner workings of the iO sits behind a 32:9 transparent OLED video display, offering CES attendees rich motion graphics and video to spotlight the iO’s many innovations.

Experience Wow

Oral-B iO is challenging users to rethink the time spent brushing is not just a habit or investment in health — but also an experience. It can be soothing, like two minutes at a spa. The right brush can make you say: “Wow.” To give new users a “Wow” experience at CES and beyond, Hyperquake outfitted a 31-foot Airstream, affectionately called the Smile Station. The iconic round facade of the Smile Station mimics Oral-B’s signature round brush head, and the custom spa-like interior complete with three sinks—each with an Oral-B app-enabled iPhone— creates a relaxed atmosphere for users to try out the iO.

Each Smile Station sink features a Magic Mirror — a functioning mirror that also displays digital content — delivering another Oral-B WOW moment. Motion graphics and iO imagery highlight the brush’s features, operational modes, and technology innovations in a surprise and delight moment for users.

Oral B Brand Impact


Media Placements



Total Media Impressions



Total Social Impressions

Worth the wait


Average 45-60 minute wait for the Smile Station experience



600+ people went through the Smile Station

“There are no words for what an amazing experience you imagined and brought to life for our new Oral-B iO.”

Jason Shaw, Brand Design Director Global Oral Care



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