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Nike: Redefining Sport

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Project Name

Nike Sport


Health & Wellness


Beaverton, OR

We helped Nike launch a game-changing message about sport, the internal team that supports it, and a major new investment in wellness at Nike World Headquarters.

Undisputably one of the world’s best-recognized brands, Nike employs over 70,000 people worldwide — many at their 300-acre world headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. These Nike teammates have access to #swooshlife perks like lunchtime leagues and world-class exercise facilities. 

Nike has always been about sport, and they want to make sport a daily habit. And they know that you can’t have a thriving, successful business if you don’t have a thriving and successful culture and community. Through our immersion process, we discovered that Nike teammates felt the organization could put more emphasis on fostering holistic healthy lifestyles. Executive leadership hoped to advance Nike’s position as an innovative industry leader in employee wellness, and the hidden team behind the campus Sports Centers wanted to take their place as a more visible, essential part of Nike’s internal culture. 

Across seven months, Hyperquake collaborated with Nike to build the messaging, identity, and campaign that served all of these needs — and launched it with a major event to celebrate everything that sport can be.

Our Role

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Naming
  • Collateral Design
  • Culture Immersion
  • Go-to-Market Plan
  • Launch Event Design
  • Team Narrative



  • Events Unlimited

Driven by teammates’ thirst for a more holistic approach to employee wellness, we helped the team build a more inclusive definition for sport: “Sport is competition, movement, and play, and is supported by nutrition, mindset, and rest & recovery.” This simple statement has become the foundation of a culture shift within Nike as it continues to be introduced, repeated, and internalized by all teammates.

Building on this new definition, we worked together with the Nike Sport Centers team — along with subcontractors and divisions responsible for nutrition, mindset, and rest & recovery programming — to develop a team narrative that’s inclusive and inspiring for everyone who contributes to this vision on WHQ campus. And to capitalize on the new definition of sport, we determined a very simple new team name: Nike Sport.

Hyperquake translated our powerful verbal narrative and name into a visual brand identity and launch campaign that showcases Nike teammates engaging in sport in all its forms — on the court, on campus, at home, and around the world. Every teammate’s lifestyle can be reflected in this brand — and everyone is invited to participate.

“I thought I was buying a brand. What I’m actually getting is a process and partnership to build our team up together.”

Justen Maron, General Manager, Sport Centers – Nike World Headquarters

Executive leadership made the choice to put their money where their mouth was. Hyperquake was asked to launch this new brand on campus with a teaser campaign followed by a major reveal at the first Thirst Thursday event of 2019. We worked with Nike event planners to develop an event that brought employee wellness offerings right out onto Ronaldo Field for teammates to discover against a backdrop of healthy food, drinks, music, and experiences — spanning Competition, Movement and Play, along with Nutrition, Mindset, and Rest & Recovery. 

A month after our Thirst Thursday event, Nike COO Eric Sprunk announced a major new investment: Access to all Nike Sport facilities — which previously required a monthly fee — is now free for all permanent employees. (And in that first week alone, over 1,900 teammates signed up for their own membership.) This first investment in the story of Sport has grown into an investment in Nike teammates — who are, in turn, investing in themselves. Hyperquake is proud to be a continuing partner with Nike Sport as we support this growing brand.