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Brand Building

Glacial Rx: Strategically Redefining the Brand to Deliver an Elevated Experience at Every Touchpoint

Brand Development | Collateral | Digital

Project Details

Project Name

Glacial Rx Brand Strategy, Design & Digital Experience




Dublin, California

Strategically elevate and differentiate "cool" treatment in the CryoAesthetics space for both consumers and healthcare professionals.

Glacial Rx needed to harness their point of difference in the CryoAesthetics category and prove to the world that it isn’t just a “cooling facial”, but a treatment that yields real, long-lasting cosmetics results with a spa-like experience. The brand is turning the idea of no pain, no gain on its head.

Hyperquake and Glacial Rx’s partnership on this initial rebrand began with a two-day work session, fostering an open exchange of strategic insights. We identified key success measures and collectively envisioned the future direction. Our efforts laid the foundation for a robust brand strategy that would not only resonate with healthcare providers but also captivate the attention of patients.

Our Role

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Collateral Design & Copy Development
  • Positioning & Narrative
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Web Design


Glacial Rx sought a distinctive visual identity to enhance their market presence. Hyperquake defined the brand’s value proposition and points of differentiation, shaping a visual narrative that would set Glacial Rx apart. The result was a visually compelling and cohesive brand identity that conveyed the precision and innovation inherent in Glacial Rx’s CryoAesthetics treatments.


To support Glacial Rx’s growth objectives, we developed a suite of brand collateral, including print brochures, consultation guides, pitch decks and more. These materials were crafted to communicate the unique benefits of Glacial Rx, empowering their sales teams to effectively convey the science-backed advantages of their CryoAesthetics treatments to both healthcare providers and potential patients.


Recognizing the importance of a powerful online presence, Hyperquake led the transformation of Glacial Rx’s website into a central hub for all marketing efforts. The redesigned website not only showcased the precision cooling technology but also effectively communicated the brand’s leadership in the field. By creating a user-centric experience, the website served as a catalyst for generating practice sales leads and acquiring new patients.



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