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Sense the unsaid.TM

Neuropulse uses biometric data to track audience engagement in real time, creating actionable insights.

The Science

Holistic hardware and software grounded in neuroscience
20+ years of exercising the Human Communication Model
15 years of research, $4 million investment


One program, endless possibilities

Any setting, any event, any environment, Neuropulse is the key to measuring biometric engagement so you can optimize and deliver the best experience possible.

Passive research, active insights

A simple wearable band measures unconscious emotional responses for results in real-time. Data is fed to a connected online portal that allows you to see audience engagement on a simple 1-10 scale — every moment of interest, excitement, boredom or frustration. We then use these insights to optimize any experience, creating maximum immersion, influencing sales opportunities and predicting positive outcomes.

“With Neuropulse, I can get instant, genuine feedback from customers.”

“I was able to apply those findings to strengthen my presentation, improve elements of our experience resulting in greater customer engagement that leads to increased sales opportunities.”

Corey Hansen, General Manager, Sprint Executive Briefing Center

Sense the unsaid.™

Turn untold truths into opportunities.

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