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Brand Building

Warped Wing Brand Refresh

Identity | Packaging | Strategy

Project Details

Project Name

Warped Wing Brand Refresh


Craft Beer


Cincinnati, Ohio

Evolving a brand to stand apart from the noisy trends on craft beer shelves and be the beer you share with a friend, time and time again.

Warped Wing enlisted Hyperquake for a full brand refresh due to new taprooms being constructed and an expanding product portfolio. In our brand immersion process, we discovered that Warped Wing’s pace and ambition were similar to many successful craft breweries. However, their spirit and approach to brewing were refreshingly timeless, akin to simply sharing a beer with a friend. This presented a strategic opportunity to unite the brand around its central difference: ignoring trends and focusing on brewing timelessly balanced beers for simple moments that become lasting memories. We modernized Warped Wing’s classic look and created a brand strategy to align with Ohio’s industrious spirit of innovation while taking a simplified approach to making great beer. Hyperquake helped Warped Wing redefine its brand’s purpose, mission, and vision to set the standard for their service model, tone, and aesthetic, which included an all-encompassing packaging strategy for both their new and existing product lineup.

Our Role

  • Brand Architecture & Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Positioning & Narrative



  • Luis Cavalcanti
  • Eric Hintz

Packaging strategy and development

Warped Wing may have started in Dayton, but their ambition to expand their distribution to new regions meant that our redesign had to help them stand out on one of the more disorienting shelves for consumers. We doubled down on the successful elements of the can and created a system that would look great together on the shelf while also being adaptable to any touchpoint. This system was then deployed across the redesign of all their products to build a more holistic brand that consumers can recognize.

Building out the product lines

With the brand built and flagship design established, we worked on bringing continuity to the brand across the other product lines while ensuring each product had its own unique look and feel to match its taste profile.

warped seltzers



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