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When to Call for a New Perspective

By Client Leadership Team

A few simple steps to starting an agency partnership.

An agency partnership doesn’t happen after one call. Your goal is to move your organization or your initiative forward, but that process can be chaotic and uncertain. It’s that moment when you realize you need a partner — one who will believe in your vision and foster a strong relationship to move that vision forward. That’s when you leap forward to vet an agency.

That first call is hard. You know that you’re at the point of an evolution. Sometimes there’s uncertainty in leveraging the expertise of an outside partner. Your chosen agency should be a collaborative partner that will provide leadership, guidance, and expertise to help you and your team build upon your business vision or challenge. At Hyperquake, we don’t assume all responsibility; we pride ourselves on being a direct extension of your team—working towards the same objectives, while providing an unbiased and honest perspective.

Let’s put this into non-agency terms.

Let’s pretend you’re in the market for a house. You’re going to assess your list of wants and needs, based on where you are and where you want to go. Most homes meet the same basic human needs: shelter, warmth, and security. However, each homeowner has a unique and specific set of requirements based on his or her lifestyle. Let’s also remember that budget is a major consideration during this process.

When starting such an overwhelming process, we believe the best first step is asking yourself:

  • Do I want to hire a realtor or do I want to do this on my own?
  • Do I have the expertise, time, money or resources needed to achieve success alone?
  • How am I going to market the property?
  • Can I handle all the details and management of logistics?

The answer might be that yes, you need a realtor. You need guidance, peace-of-mind, and expertise.

So how does this tie back to engaging with an agency?

We believe the first step is asking:

  • Could we consider reaching out to an agency?
  • Do we need someone to provide thought leadership? To motivate our team by provoking and inspiring us with an outside perspective?
  • How are we going to position our ideas internally, or gain support and ultimately win with our consumer?
  • Can we handle all the details and management of logistics?

The answer might be that yes, you need an agency. You need guidance, peace-of-mind, and expertise.

If you decide that hiring an agency is the way to go…

You should begin to create a wish-list, identifying the capabilities that will best serve your team. Many agencies offer similar services, so finding the right fit is important — an agency that is going to challenge your thinking, be a good culture fit, and provide short- and long-term partnership to evolve alongside you as your business grows and your needs shift. It may take time, and you may need to vet several agencies to find that perfect partner — but be patient. It will be well worth your time and effort.

In either scenario — buying a house or choosing an agency — you’ll find that the “right fit” often boils down to finding a team who will fight for your goals, a team who shares your values and beliefs. At Hyperquake, we are not experts in every category; it’s important to us to be honest and transparent about our expertise. Your success is our success. We are a partner, engaging in discussions that challenge us to achieve your goals. And we are quick to say yes, when we know we can make an impact on your business and help you to achieve your desired outcome.

So if you’re ready to start that search for a partner, go ahead — make that first call. Send that first email. We believe in you.

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