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Aviatras Take Flight

In 2010 Bad Girl Ventures entered the startup scene in the greater Cincinnati area, focusing on providing female entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge to build successful businesses. Since their start, they’ve helped over 1,100 women launch their own organizations, and that number is still growing.

Fast forward to 2016, and the capital investing company realized they were doing much more than allocating resources and education to their BGV members; they were providing confidence, energy, and a sense of security in an area that is often a great risk. With this realization, Bad Girl Ventures was ready for a full rebrand and new name that could better communicate what they stand for and who they serve, and when the company reached out to Hyperquake for help, we gathered up some of our strong women to do the job.


The new name combines Latin words “avis,” meaning bird, and “atria,” meaning open to the sky. It embodies the courageous nature of war-era female pilots–strong, attentive, and ready to take command of any challenge they confront–traits that also live within the female entrepreneurs who utilize the accelerator to launch their businesses.

Since the March 21 launch of the new name and brand, multiple outlets have taken note of the business accelerator’s evolution, including Cincinnati.comCincinnati Business CourierSoapbox Media, and many others in the Greater Cincinnati area.

We’re extremely excited here at Hyperquake about the new name and look of Aviatra Accelerators, and it’s great to see the buzz happening around the company all together. Seeing such strong values represented in a group of people makes our work worthwhile.

Congratulations to Aviatra Accelerators! We are excited to watch you reach new heights!

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The March 21 launch video for Aviatra Accelerators, created by Strategic Advisors, LLC.

Header image courtesy of Harris Media, LLC.

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