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By Molly Baker


…instantly changing an opinion, a feeling, a situation from negative to positive.

Family and friends of Brogan Dulle launched ‘8 Days of Greatness’.

‘8 Days of Greatness’ is just that, a call to action—a call to perform small acts of kindness, gratitude, generosity, selflessness, love, remembrance, passion and even celebration—because with each act comes positive transformation of individuals and whole communities. We saw it happen last year—the way the Cincinnati community came together in May 2014, when over 1,000 volunteers, friends and complete strangers worked together for 8 days and spent countless hours searching for U.C. student Brogan Dulle, my nephew. Another 20,000 supporters, including my colleagues at Hyperquake, joined the Help Find Brogan Dulle Facebook page, offering words of encouragement, tips and more. Although the outcome was not what we had all hoped and prayed for, the outpouring of pure greatness inspired the family to create a campaign that not only celebrated the power of helping one another, but also honored Brogan’s memory.

Family, friends and supporters gathered at Rhinegeist on May 7, 2015 for the kickoff of GR8NESS.

Passionate about the family and the cause, Hyperquake took action—developing a flexible identity to represent the most loved traits of Brogan Dulle, and to inspire the community to action during 8 days of kindness and compassion. Presenting the logo to the Dulle family was extremely emotional—it filled them with joy and optimism. Visualizing their mission, providing substance to their intention, gave it a place in the world. With each element created, Hyperquake knew it was transforming its own team as well as the family’s.

A batch of delicious GR8NESS cookies.

This week, May 18-25, Hyperquake is participating alongside all the registrants–individuals, families, schools and corporations—bringing forward our interpretation of what GR8NESS is to each of us. Our designated day, this Wednesday, May 20, is our day to share our vision for generosity and to inspire our community toward this shared goal. Designing for generosity (not all that contradictory to our normal business plan) has inspired us to share—to share more information, more trends, more insight into our commmunity’s future. We already know that in the past four months, we have inspired the GR8NESS team both inside and outside of Hyperquake; now it’s time to share our inspiration with you.

…if you inspire GR8NESS, it will inspire you.

Our design for GR8NESS is our most visible contribution; however, it wouldn’t be in keeping with the GR8NESS spirit to stop there. Below, you will find a link to Hyperquake’s latest trend report, Primal Unity, sharing some insights that have inspired us to think (and act) differently. Turn the darkness into light—don’t just sell a product; sell kindness, gratitude, generosity, selflessness, love, remembrance, passion and even celebration. Because these are the experiences people are yearning to find, to transform their lives, to nurture trust in themselves and in each other. Through this collaboration with such a special group of people, we have been reminded that if you inspire GR8NESS, it will inspire you.


The GR8NESS team has brought more light to the world than it first imagined. With over 2600 registrants from 43 states and two countries, the world will gain more than 22,000 acts of GR8NESS. 22,000 chances to transform an opinion, a thought, a feeling—to turn darkness into light. These moments of connection are what life is built on, and will always be about.

Our biggest learning from this is that if you inspire GR8NESS it will inspire you.


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