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Artifacts: Political Report

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Politics can feel like navigating landmines but stripped of its divisiveness, the discourse is simply a conversation, where ideas are shared and received. As voice and visibility of all people continues to grow, the new expectation is not to avoid or divide, but to grow in purpose and understanding.

What this Means for You and Your Business

Your business should operate like a human being that is a part of, not apart from, the environment.


Disclaimer: The following views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this section belong solely to the attributed sites. They are not a reflection of the views of Hyperquake.

Living in the Age of Political Memes

As a surprising response to the tensions between India and Pakistan, the internet was flooded with memes. Indo-Pak citizens alike generated meme content, exchanging comedic fire across enemy lines through the new political battlefield that is social media. Memes have caught on globally and generationally as a form of honest, humorous expression. Consumers are overstimulated and exhausted. Highly emotional and critical topics can be digested and common ground can be recognized through memes’ comic relief.

How can your business relieve intense situations when necessary and identify with your audience?

 Kid President Returns to the Internet

Kid President was a beloved character depicting childlike optimism in a traditionally disillusioned, adult territory. The hit video series ended in 2016 but reemerged this October in a new series where Kid President travels the country in search of the next generation of young leaders. Child-activism has been a developing trend, with adolescents making headlines fighting for social change. Businesses and their brands have to recognize the consumer of today and tomorrow is activist-minded and searching for authenticity.  

How have your political views evolved over time? What do you stand for today, and do you mean what you say?

Protest by Design: Creatives Performing Acts of Political Sedition

Graphic design has deep roots in the political space, reaching across history from women’s suffrage, through civil rights, into today. Designers have been supporting protests, exposing lies, and making statements directly to people by using traditional advertising spaces. They have the skillset to cut through confusing rhetoric and make difficult issues accessible with visual cues. Design language is a powerful tool to speak to consumers in the meaningful, principled way they are craving.

What story is your business trying to tell? Are you leveraging different forms of language to communicate that message?

The Hyperquake Way

We use the trend forecasting STEEP model, which enables us to look for artifacts that are shaping the way people think, feel, and behave. By studying these artifacts, we uncover insights that drive deeper connections between people, brands, and businesses. Understanding the elements and context of the culture that is driving behavior ultimately drives better business.

How will you use these findings to disrupt your industry?


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