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The Art of Mommy Wars

As a creative agency, we spend a lot of time and thought analyzing the drivers behind consumer values and behaviors.

We use surveys, archetype analysis and a whole slew of tools to help shed light on who a brand is speaking to and how they can tap into consumers’ core beliefs and desires. We uncover insights on what, as humans, uniquely defines us and unites us.

Within the world of branding and marketing we occasionally see brands make obvious misses at speaking the same language as their target consumers, but sometimes there are marketing gems, that as a creative professional you must applaud for bringing consumer insights to life in a real and affective way.

Similac’s recent campaign “The Sisterhood of Motherhood” was one of those gems. They clearly depicted the values and desires that separate us and unite us as parents. Every parent can identify with at least one of these mommy tribes, and at the same time can find their polarization absolutely absurd.

As a mother-to-be, I found myself wondering, “Who would I hang out with at the playground?” The La Leche League could probably teach me a thing or two, but all breasts all the time would get old. The working moms would be an interesting network, but who wears business skirt suits still? I would probably relate to the dads more than any other tribe, but I don’t want to be THAT mom.

My answer, is like many, I wouldn’t be any of them all the time, but all of them some of the time. Human beings and brands are multi-deminsional. Our actions and behaviors shift throughout time, but our core value as parents always centers around the well-being of our children. Cheers to Similac for successfully launching the concept that “encourages parents to come together and focus on shared goals, not differences.”

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