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Damon Manetta

Director, Strategic Partnerships & Development


Damon Manetta drives important conversations. He’s often found sitting across from clients asking meaningful questions to uncover a deeper story. While managing a corporate experience center for more than a decade, Damon developed a listening super-skill – which is often the key to deep client relationships and building trust. With acute expertise in navigating corporate bureaucracy and politics, Damon is able to analyze the lines to create a roadmap forward, bringing relief, confidence, and inspiration. Like a good road trip, a conversation with Damon can end up somewhere unexpected – yet incredible – like discussing the sound of a Fender Rhodes electric piano or the latest car designs. Like Damon, the members of his family – Jess, Izzy, and Nicholas – spread unfathomable laughter, love, support, and boundless curiosity everywhere the road takes them.

My Truth

Some of the most beautiful notes are those unplayed.