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Trends: Patterns of People


“Trends are only for designers. Trends aren’t based on numbers; they aren’t real.” There are many misconceptions about trends and how to use them, but we believe the best way to predict the future is to look at the patterns of the past. Everything we do at Hyperquake is centered around human patterns and values. Through the use of trends, we ground ourselves in the happenings of today to inspire new ways of thinking for tomorrow. In this way, we can evolve brands on a human level, and anticipate what consumers will desire next.

Have you noticed some of these things happening? Not sure why?

Online and offline shopping has been kept separate in the past, but now consumers are creating their own methods to do both. Amazon, the online retail giant, has started to open brick and mortar stores in a few locations in order to bring their online experience offline in an unprecedented manner. Retailers are learning to reinvent how they think about their transactional space in order to cater to their consumers in viable ways.

There are more people living alone than ever before, and a large percentage of them are senior citizens. Lyft for Senior Citizens is now seamlessly contacted by physicians, and told where and when elderly patients need to be picked up to make it to each appointment. Concierge service for new demographics is manifesting in new and helpful ways.

Younger generations have learned that traditional choices do not guarantee success. Half of college grads are working jobs that don’t require a degree. Both educational services and internal human resource services will need to adjust to this shifting value in higher education and employer loyalty.

As resources continue to become scarce and food waste in the USA is at an all time high, Shake Shack now offers The Food Waste Burger, created from leftover vegetable pulp from juicing, melted cheese from trimmings and bruised beet ketchup. As reality sets in that our resources are not endless, brands look to reuse waste in beautiful and delicious ways.


As we continue to provoke brands to think, act and be different, trends help us reveal new ideas and, most importantly, uncover the underlying ‘needs and values’ of people to help our clients evolve with purpose.

Hyperquake will be regularly sharing new trend reports. To understand how these trends will affect your business—or, even better, how you can leverage an upcoming trend—contact us! We’d love to hear from you.

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