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Our 2018 Do Good Initiative Recipient: Outdoor Adventure Clubs!

By Emily Zalla

It’s a good day at Hyperquake: We are proud to announce that Outdoor Adventure Clubs of Greater Cincinnati has been chosen as the recipient of our second annual Do Good Initiative!

OAC was selected from a very competitive field of 18 local nonprofits who support underserved local populations through their programs — an increase from the 13 applicants in our inaugural Do Good year. The applicant pool comprised a wide variety of organizations, both in scale and in focus — aiming to improve our community from all angles including mental health, housing, work opportunity, arts engagement, student enrichment, and more. We narrowed the written applications to a small group of finalists, and were privileged to interview each of them in person to learn more about their goals and passions. The final selection was so difficult to make, but we’re confident we chose an organization who will be the perfect fit for the Do Good Initiative’s format and strengths.

Outdoor Adventure Clubs of Greater Cincinnati removes the financial and logistical barriers for at-risk, underserved, urban teens to experience nature and participate in outdoor recreation, conservation, and education – at no cost. OAC orchestrates thousands of outdoor experiences each year, and continues to be the only organization in the nation that routinely engages urban teens in outdoor exploration free of charge.Interaction with the natural world provides these teens with myriad benefits including improved mental and physical health, more developed social skills, stronger school performance, and a better understanding of their environmental impact.

Through the 2018 Do Good Initiative, we will be collaborating with OAC to refine their brand narrative and build a compelling visual brand identity, to support their strategic growth and establish OAC as a nationally-recognized organization.

In October, OAC will attend a 2-day brand development event here at Hyperquake, where, alongside our strategists, designers, and project leaders, they’ll roll up their sleeves to develop their brand narrative and identity. We’ll also be partnering with talented locals to provide other creative services in support of the new brand, like photography or collateral printing, to help OAC serve more people and touch more hearts.

If you’re a creative interested in contributing your services to the Initiative, please contact [email protected] to share your interest and capabilities. Services for which Hyperquake may need volunteers could include photography, videography, collateral printing, copywriting, or web development.

For more information, visit or call Emily Zalla at (513) 563-6555.

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