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Hyperlink Roundup No. 3

By Client Leadership Team

Happy Monday, y’all. We’ve made this more of a beginning-of-the-week deal to help lift you out of the Monday morning fog.


  • Volvo’s new LifePaint makes the night safer for cyclists.
  • George Nelson’s longtime aide-de-camp, Hilda Longinotti, recounts some of the greatest anecdotes from her 21-year run at the legendary New York City design atelier.
  • You can shop Herman Miller’s George Nelson selections here.

  • Surfer Blood are kicking off the MPMF Summer Series. Check out the rest of the strong lineup here.
  • A fellow Hyperquaker, Nick Moeggenberg, will be a part of the series playing July 24th with his band, Even Tiles.
  • Hillary’s and Rubio’s campaign logos have been unveiled, and they’re not exactly blowing people away.
  • Ford filed a patent for an 11-speed transmission…which makes us think of this.

  • An illustrated history of Tex-Mex food that highlights key inventions including fajitas, the rice and bean combo platter and the frozen margarita machine.
  • If you don’t know much about bitcoin, here’s a little primer.

  • Quip is a new subscription-model electric toothbrush.


  • Anti-theft lunch bags. I like the idea, but you might find your lunch in the trash.

  • So cool… Elias, the owner of Eli’s Barbeque, lives in a church in Columbia Tusculum.
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