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How Mercedes Me Changes Automotive Retail

By Client Leadership Team

In a digital world, one thing we’ve lost touch of is human touch. The game has changed, the amount of data we absorb daily has proliferated, leaving people distracted (and me personally, more demanding), as business vies to break through the clutter.

Germany’s auto pioneer, Mercedes, has done just that. Inspired by Apple’s idea of “product genius” and retail stores designed around life, Mercedes is grouping all existing and future services under ‘Mercedes me.” They are bundling services like “Move me”, “Connect me”, “Finance me”, and “Inspire me” to take into account all aspects of owning and buying a car.


… says Daimler AG and Mercedes CEO, Dr. Dieter Zetsche. Starting with intensive insight into the journey of their customer and the trends impacting the world around them, the company made an iconic shift placing everything under the Mercedes Me umbrella—moving beyond their founders’ motto “The best or nothing” to “The best for me.”

Mercedes set a clear vision, and by no accident, their emphasis on ‘human touch’ is working. Mercedes posted a record 14% sales growth, US sales are up, demand has been revived in Europe, and the brand is closing in on competitors in China. It was in these iconic brand shifts that retail was able to move with purpose—pushing emotion and intelligence to revitalize their business from the inside out.

At Hyperquake, we help visionary leaders in the midst of a shift—whether working with a startup or a Fortune 50 we reveal new purpose in every step your brand takes, to evolve and grow stronger businesses on a human level. That’s true brand worth.

Mercedes Press Conference’ imagery via Motorblog on Flickr

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