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Fictional Insight

By Molly Baker

I find myself quoting characters from fictional books all the time – the inspiration relates mainly to the insights derived though the fictional relationships and the truths that are derived within the story. The tensions that drive the human spirit and push the imagination to evolve and solve fictional conflicts are the same as the ones that push our own world forward. What fictional stories should we be writing, based on the cast of characters in today’s world? What tensions do we see in human relationships that need to be solved – the conflicts that could be resolved with more imagination?

For example, take The Fiction of the Science. As the website describes, “Robert Wong, in his work at the Google Creative Lab, never imagined he would be influencing the future of scientific development – and yet he does just that, breaking down the boundary between art and science by creating stories that inspire engineers and the technology they build. He says that this kind of collaboration between art and science, between story and fabrication, is essential for scientific and creative innovation.”

The story helps find the human tensions and opens up the imagination to solving the conflicts in a new way. Even though, as a brand strategist, I don’t find myself always developing the new science behind an innovation, I do find myself identifying the more human side – the relationship between a product and the people it serves. Yes, it can lead to new innovations or new ways of connecting with people. Knowing the tensions, or the conflict people have, you can start imagining a new product, new technology, new gadget, new way of communicating to help resolve those conficts.

We don’t want history to write itself. If we can imagine another world, we should be able to create it. Your thoughts are what motivate you and move you to think and do things differently.

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