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Design Week is days away!

By Emily Zalla

Every fall, our design community comes together for a week of workshops, speakers and parties that offer the opportunity for creative connections to be born. Cincinnati Design Week is intended to inspire local designers by exposing them to the broad variety of design styles, philosophies and processes at work each day in our city. It’s important to take a break every so often to celebrate what we do as designers (and why and how we do it), because breaking out of our daily routine to learn from each other can generate some of the coolest work around.

At least, that’s the ideology we have here at Hyperquake; so we’re honored not only to partner with AIGA Cincinnati to create fresh branding for Design Week 2016, but also to be part of the week’s events. The lineup for this year’s celebration promises to be seriously inspiring, and we don’t want to miss a moment of it. A few highlights:

And by the way, Hyperquake is hosting our own event in partnership with the AIGA. If you’ve ever hoped to become more involved in the creative community, or have your own ideas for collaboration and connection, we’d love to welcome you to our workshop on Tuesday, September 27 at 6PM.

We’ll be out in full force over the course of the week, and we can’t wait to meet you all. And if you’re interested in how we approached the branding work for Design Week ‘16, check out a bit of our rationale and graphics below—stay tuned for a full case study, coming next week!


It’s not hard to reduce what we do as designers to its simplest possible terms. Black and white. Primary colors. Circles, triangles and squares. Tiny dot patterns for print designers; tiny pixel grids for interactive and motion designers. So much of what we do seems so effortless and uncomplicated on a micro scale; but view it from the right perspective, zoom out to the macro view, and these building blocks can create gorgeous, stirring or shocking work. Obviously, there’s a pretty clear metaphor in that.

We, as designers, are only as strong as the community built up around us. We learn from each other’s mistakes and successes. We collaborate on large-scale projects. Working alone, we only achieve so much. Together, we create the future.


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