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Brand Building

WineSociety: Designing Disruption in a Static Category

Identity | Packaging | Strategy

Project Details

Project Name

WineSociety Launch




Napa, CA

Premium wine. In a can. As a completely new brand. From brand equity and identity to packaging and production management, we helped create, position, and launch a new-school beverage in an old-school world.

Angela and Austin Allison, the founders of the WineSociety, had a clear vision for their brand—to make wine approachable and convenient by eliminating complexities and intimidation that innately exist in the wine industry. They approached Hyperquake to shift the narrative surrounding the wine industry today, and to create and deploy a scalable business and a brand platform that would support the scope of their projected growth. Over the 6 month project cycle Hyperquake managed the process and the vendors from idea to launch. The result was an optimized brand with a marketable design and insta-worthy narrative that changes the way that drinking wine is perceived.

Our Role

  • Brand Character
  • Brand Equity
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Campaign Creation
  • Go-to-Market Plan
  • Packaging Design & Production
  • Positioning
  • Roles
  • Social Strategy
  • Tone of Voice Development
  • Vendor Management


  • Ball Beverage Packaging
  • Bin to Bottle
  • Brooke Shanesy Photography
  • Inwork Inc.
  • Lucid Linds Photography
  • Lucky Clover Packaging
  • Multi-Color Corporation
  • Nimblesoft
  • Pacific Southwest Container
  • Second Look

Rapid growth in year one.

Months from concept to launch:



In just over a year, WineSociety is already the fastest-growing premium canned wine on the market.

"Hyperquake has the ability to think big picture, while focusing on each creative detail. We loved working with their team. They were true partners, guiding us along the entire journey of building our new brand and business."

Angela Allison, CEO & Co-Founder

Building a strong foundation for growth with retailers, partners, industries, and consumers to Live Tastefully.

First, we had to understand the challenges of bottled wine and the consumers who were desiring to overcome them. We found that the majority of homes don’t own a corkscrew, there’s a large percentage of venues and outdoor activities that are glassless by law, and consumers are looking for more approachable, convenient solutions to receiving and consuming their favorite products. Based on our trend-forward, multi-tasking Millennial consumers, WineSociety’s Tastemaker persona was born. We co-created the brand positioning, equity, and aesthetic as a tasteful, yet approachable, high-quality, yet community-centric wine brand that elevates the confidence of all wine drinkers.

Based on the brand character and narrative, we wanted to highlight the aspect of having access to the “society.” Within the brand mark, we allude to wine within the negative space of the key, mirroring the wineglass-shape of the ‘Y’ in the wordmark. As a dynamic mark it is meant to be locked-up, but can be used as separate components when needed. The identity reflects the timelessness a tastemaker looks for—black and white as a foundation with an elegant accent that reflects the color of the premium rosé offering. The simplicity of the design and color act as the perfect accessory to any lifestyle.

Armed with a strong brand strategy and identity, we created a scalable business model and a social-centric marketing strategy to connect with the right consumers and influencers where they already are. We created a “social media playbook” and calendar that encapsulates the brand’s communication pillars—aligning with the brands vision, character, and the audience that WineSociety seeks to serve.