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Brand Building

Verify: Bringing Clarity to Chaos

Collateral | Digital | Identity

Project Details

Project Name

Verify Brand Launch




Portland, OR

Building a brand for a venture studio that brings clarity to the chaos of innovation.

Verify Venture Studio brings together the people, processes, and technology to rapidly and effectively grow businesses, and are focused solely on results through a sound, replicable, data-focused approach to building successful ventures. They love creativity, but just happen to love evidence, too. They’re honest with clients as they seek data-backed insights, even if it’s difficult information to hear. They also happen to be dear friends and partners of ours, and when we had the opportunity to run alongside them to co-create their brand, we understood very quickly how we can create something special together.

Our Role

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Collateral Design
  • Digital/Interaction Design
  • Print

Verify offers something unique—their perspective. We wanted to highlight their (often messy) process by boiling down what they are really doing, and that is discovering. Along with outlining their process, we needed to highlight the way in which they look at the world. We developed the “Verif-eye” (get it?) to help describe and animate the emotions that one feels in the journey in the venture space.

Along with launching a new identity, we were tasked with creating a digital experience that would showcase the often blurry work that Verify tackles. Their work can be messy at times and they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty or ask difficult questions. We needed to create an identity that could communicate this process in a visually striking manner.

Due to the constantly-changing nature of innovation, we created a modular design system that allows the brand to grow and evolve while staying rooted in simplicity. We built an underlying grid to ground the identity in structure, with the purpose of being easily replicable. Likewise, we chose a greyscale color palette to capture Verify’s process of living in the grey. We chose unexpected and fun secondary colors to highlight the friendly personalities of the founding Verify partners and their studio culture.