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Teradata: Transforming How Businesses Work and People Live Through the Power of Data


Project Details

Project Name

Teradata Executive Briefing Center Re-Imagine




San Diego, CA

In the midst of completing their rebrand, Teradata chose Hyperquake to bring the new brand to life in a physical dimension within a recently renovated, state-of-the-art executive briefing center. During a worldwide pandemic, Teradata and Hyperquake kept moving, creating a space that showcases the power of data.

At Teradata’s flagship Executive Briefing Center in San Diego, it all starts with a question, quite literally. What will tomorrow bring? How will companies adapt to the demands of a changed world? The answer is in the data. With the prolific amount of data being generated, more questions arise than answers. What data do we keep?  What data sets do we combine? How can we interpret it to quickly respond to a customer’s immediate need? Hyperquake concepted and produced a stunning light sculpture totaling 1600 feet, to hang in the two-story headquarter’s lobby as a visual representation of this data flowing through an organization.  The sculpture, taking the shape of a question mark, infers insights and answers that are derived when you combine data.

The customer vignettes are three rooms skinned with LED modules displaying hero videos, reflecting industry outcomes Teradata customers achieve. The message is about the customer, the integration of different types of data for enterprise analytics, allowing for question after question (query after query) to be answered. Inside each vignette is an interactive screen that takes a deeper dive into how Teradata has helped customers find answers to improve business outcomes through data. This experience is the perfect set up for a successful day spent with the Teradata team in briefing suites to solidify their partnership.

Our Role

  • Content Strategy and Development
  • Digital/Interaction Design
  • Executive Production
  • Experience Design
  • Immersive Installation
  • Storyline & Customer Journey
  • User Experience


  • BBK Design Build
  • DevPhase
  • JMS Studios
  • Pixel Fiction
  • Pixel Flex
  • Matt McConnell Studios
  • Za Architects

In a World Proliferated with Data, Answers Aren’t Apparent

Operationalizing insights, solving complex business problems and enabling descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics is not easy. Companies are looking for partners who can help them challenge the status quo and help them rise above the complexity, cost and inadequacy of traditional data. That’s what Teradata does. Teradata is the connected multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics.

Query, the sculpture we designed for Teradata, starts in the headquarters lobby. Its height reflects Teradata’s differentiation – scaling to meet the demands of the largest and most complex data challenges companies face. Starting in the lobby, the sculpture sweeps down into the Executive Briefing Center, and moves throughout the space as the arms reach into the customer vignette spaces.


Guest feel welcomed when they open the door to the EBC and see their name front and center on the large LED wall.

Teradata Transforms Data into ACTION

After touring the customer vignettes, customers gain confidence and earn Teradata’s trust that their data and questions are similar to  global enterprises in similar industries. Guests are invited to join engaging and collaborative discussions with Teradata’s EBC Discussion Leaders in both structured briefing rooms as well open networking and collaboration spaces with wall to wall white boards.

“What Hyperquake did, which was amazing, is they interviewed our customers, our senior executive leadership team, our EBC discussion leaders, all of our key stakeholders. (And) then they came up with a design that would leave a memorable impression (on our customers).”

Amy Renner, Director Global Briefing Program



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