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Road iD: From Saving Lives to Empowering Life.

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Road iD Rebrand




Covington, KY

As a “safety first” company, ROAD iD was the go to brand for endurance athletes all over the world. They were ready to expand their benefits to a larger audience but were in need of a more relevant look and message.


The founder and owner of Road iD tells a very powerful story about the role their products play in saving lives and reuniting loved ones that will incite a tear or two. The Road iD following is a loyal one and the brand had been built on a promise of saving lives with the results to prove it. Not wanting to damage a 17-year reputation (and hey, we love a good cry as much as the next crowd), we were left wondering how we might tell their story with an emphasis on the positive to incite joy and excitement rather than fear.


We went right to the source for some insight, their consumers. Through our discussions with current consumers and brand ambassadors to those that had never heard of Road iD, we found that thinking about the negative consequences of having fun doesn’t make people feel empowered to go out and do what they love. We wanted to take what drew people to the brand and refresh the story to focus on those aspects.

We dove into global trends and patterns that reflected a shift in attitude around wellness, adventure, families, and generational beliefs. This deep human-centric discovery work acted as our foundation to co-create our client’s strategic future in a full-day collaborative session between Road iD and Hyperquake.


Post-session, armed with new insights, we built a strategic foundation and evolved brand equity around our new why, “Empowering Life.” We channeled our new brand character, The Guardians of Adventure, to build out a communication strategy that would appeal to new target consumers. With our strategic work in place we could continue exploring how Road iD could communicate, behave and be positioned for the future.


When evolving the look of a company that has been around as long as Road iD, it’s important to stay true to their roots. Everyone tied to the brand, both inside and outside, have their own personal connection and don’t want to see it lose any of what they’ve come to love.

With that in mind we wanted to make sure that we kept the road as a metaphor. It’s because of what happened one day on the road that spawned Road iD and we wanted to continue that story. The final mark helped move them away from “safety” and toward “adventure.”


The primary mark was the result of a lot of exploration and many variations. The result was something that embodied the spirit of all of life’s adventures and the roads that lead there.

The soft corners and hints of hand-drawn imperfection helped take a little of the polished, endurance edge off and gave it an adventure ready feel that could be adopted by a broader audience.


The Road iD brand continues to evolve under the direction of their internal design, marketing, and tech teams. The foundation that Hyperquake delivered will be built upon as more and more assets roll out. The new launched in September which set the stage for a 20% increase in sales during the month of October. A new space, products, packaging, and apparel is the short list of what is on the horizon for Road iD and their new brand will be able to flex to accommodate for all of their future adventures.

Our Role

  • Aspirational Consumer Development
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand/Business Architecture
  • Brand/Business Strategy
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Design
  • Naming
  • Positioning & Narrative
  • Trends & Category Insights
  • User Experience



  • Road iD


Increase in sales during the first month post-launch