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Pure Romance:
Bringing Women’s Wellness to Life

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Project Details

Project Name

Pure Romance Rebrand & Launch


Health & Wellness


Cincinnati, OH

Transforming a global brand’s identity and celebrating with an immersive launch experience.

Pure Romance is a global brand commonly known for their sexual health education, beauty products, bedroom accessories, and their fun parties, but they wanted women to know they have a lot more to offer as they continue to inspire women to enhance their intimate lives and take charge of their sexual health and wellbeing. They knew they wanted a packaging redesign, but ultimately they wanted to elevate and reposition their brand in order to grow and retain their audience, provide a more premium customer experience, empower their B2B partners with technologies and tools, and streamline and simplify processes. This exciting 18-month journey brought all three lenses of Hyperquake’s offerings (Brand Building, Business Building, and Storybuilding®) together to handle every aspect of the process and create a more impactful brand experience.


Our Role

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand/Business Strategy
  • Catalog Design
  • Event Logistics and Management
  • Experience Design
  • Packaging Design & Production


  • Battles Creative
  • BBK Design
  • Watchdog Productions
  • Fern
  • Krystie O’Brien Productions
  • Plan B Productions
  • Lightborne Communications
  • Publitas

“This is not just a product launch or a packaging makeover. We have completely evolved our brand.”


First, we needed to understand the Pure Romance business and audience. Our findings from a comprehensive discovery process of stakeholder interviews, competitive audits, consumer research, and a study of human values, truths, and trends helped establish Pure Romance’s new brand foundation and positioning. We found one key strategic insight that unites the Pure Romance brand, their B2B partners, and their customers: we’re not just selling bedroom toys, we are selling comprehensive wellness, feeling alive and confident from sunup to sundown.

the reDesign: Memorable Beauty Meets Functional Unification


We created a clean, modern packaging system that differentiates and organizes Pure Romance’s various product lines (bath & body, intimacy, healthy living, skin care, and luxury) – all while helping each product live under a unified brand. We brought aliveness, self-love, and confidence to life in a memorable, consistent way to drive recognizability and made functional changes to improve the customer experience. We successfully refreshed 120 packages in just 9 months and created in-depth guidelines to help their internal team continue to execute the new brand across marketing collateral, media assets, and beyond.

Check out the “Inside Pure Romance” video below to learn more about the design choices made to transform the brand.

Uncovered Skin Care brand identity


We named and created a brand strategy and identity for Pure Romance’s new Uncovered Skin Care collection. Two formulations were created to provide options for all genders and skin types, so we designed the packaging to be gender-neutral and simple enough to fit seamlessly into any bathroom. These products were carefully formulated with high concentrations of high-quality ingredients listed on the front of the package to provide transparency for the customer. The packaging was intentionally kept simple without bells and whistles to be able to provide these quality products at a much more attainable price compared to other brands in this category. 

HeLi brand & packaging refresh


Standing for “Healthy Living,” this collection includes exclusive essential oil blends, naturally fragranced body products, and high-quality wellness supplements. This packaging refresh included a color-coded system to help customers distinguish between the various lines. Education around key ingredients and product benefits are placed front and center on the package to make understanding the extensive product line easy for Pure Romance B2B partners and their customers. 

Euforia brand & packaging refresh


We gave Pure Romance’s premium line of body and intimacy products a refresh. With unique textures, high-end packaging and a new elevated look, Euforia is for women who are ready to invest and indulge in their pleasure, their relationship, and their sexual wellness. We wanted the brand and packaging to reflect that with a sleek logo, monochromatic debossing, and a timeless sophisticated palette. 

Streamlining a digital Marketing communication


Pure Romance has a lot of marketing communication go out every week to their B2B partners and customers. This can be a complicated web and we helped streamline and execute months of their digital marketing collateral (emails, web banners, social media posts, copy for app notifications and text messages) to set their team up with a system for success.

Catalog Redesign: A more digital and experiential approach


Being a direct sales company, the Pure Romance catalog is a key tool for their B2B partners to promote, educate, and sell their products. We took this from an online flipbook and transformed the experience to be more aspirational and digitally interactive with a new shoppable platform and a design that educated and told the story of their extensive product lines. We reorganized the flow of content and product organization to make the user experience more simple and intuitive. We wrote headlines that set the scene and informed the photography that makes you want to click to learn more and swipe to the next page.

A Remarkable Launch Event to Immerse B2B Partners


After 18 months of collaboration, Pure Romance revealed their brand relaunch at their 2021 National Training event where thousands of their B2B partners were introduced to this transformation for the very first time. They had to go big and we helped concept, design, and produce an event that transformed the Duke Energy Center from a giant empty room to an immersive world of Pure Romance. We designed the experience with the installation of custom entryways, counters, product displays, larger than life banners, and a stage to impress that brought the signature brand elements to life in a physical space. Through on-stage presentations from our Design and Strategy team leaders, we helped educate these partners on our new positioning, new identity, new packaging, and a new tagline: Live Alive.



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