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Palo Alto Networks: Maintaining trust in a digital age

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Project Name

PANW Executive Briefing Center




Santa Clara, CA

Instilling hope that through threat intelligence-sharing and automated prevention, Palo Alto Networks customers’ data will be safe from cybercriminals.


Palo Alto Networks is a next-generation security company whose mission is to maintain trust in a digital age, helping tens of thousands of organizations worldwide by preventing cyber breaches. We partnered with Palo Alto Networks (PANW) to create an Executive Briefing Center (EBC) that is inviting, uplifting, fun and friendly, open and approachable.


The phrase “cybersecurity” often instills fear, uncertainty, and doubt as customers envision dark images about the negative things that could happen to their data if it falls into the wrong hands. We wanted to tell the PANW story in a way that fills customers with hope. Our narrative centers around hope and the culture of PANW – a group of fun-loving misfits who are serious about saving the digital world from cyber criminals and believe in the impossible – 100% prevention. Customers leaving the experience believe that PANW understands their security concerns and is uniquely capable to keep their data safe from cyber attacks.


The journey begins on the campus, through a beautiful connected courtyard that allows guests to see PANW culture at work. A special feature inside the main entry is the cantilevered glass box conference room in the EBC; it attracts customers in and represents how the company broke the mold by regarding cybersecurity as transparent and positive. We begin to establish trust through two custom experiential design elements in the lobby:


Visitors’ attention is immediately caught by the Flip Dot Wall. It creatively communicates that protecting the digital way of life is what PANW does. The sweeping interactive design demonstrates the free-flow of data while key company beliefs (focus, platform, prevention, sharing and hope) materialize and then disappear.


This whimsical life-sized sculpture of a young, carefree mother with her child playfully perched on her shoulders and a mobile phone in her hands communicates Hope over Fear, showing why PANW is different. Continuing up the main staircase, visitors arrive at the EBC entrance which incorporates openness and warmth through transparent materials and vibrant organic colors, balanced by warm gray oak. The entire EBC – proof of concept lab, security operations center, meeting rooms, experimental concepts, and new idea displays – is visible.


A second life-sized sculpture, Cyber Superhero, greets visitors at the top of the stairs. Wearing a flowing cape, he is writing on a transparent and customizable whiteboard and holding a real laptop. Using facial recognition technology, the laptop activates when a visitor looks at its screen. The interactive message the Superhero receives on his laptop reassures him that Palo Alto Networks technology is protecting his data.


This 12-foot-long hallway feature tells PANW story: relentless Focus on Prevention, Platform and Sharing. Balls represent “good data packets” and “bad data packets” and are digitally and/or physically sorted into different tracks, symbolizing the free flow of good data, sharing threat information, and controlling and destroying bad data.


The Prysm Media Wall includes a live SOC feed, an interactive global map that leads to client case studies, and a custom kill-chain game based on the 1980s Centipede.

Our Role

  • Brand Character
  • Content Production
  • Detail Design and Creative Development
  • Display Fabrication
  • Pre-Concept and Narrative
  • Storybuilding®



  • Gensler
  • Real Art
  • Studio EIS
  • Signet

"Hyperquake continues to be our experiential partner of choice as we evolve our Executive Briefing Program. We look to them to lead us into the future by identifying new trends, helping us create a design vision, and transforming storytelling concepts into realities for our customers. Thanks to Hyperquake, we won "World Class Center Design" recognition and are excited about opportunities to take our immersive customer engagements to the next level.”

Pamela Evans, Sr. Director, Executive Briefing Program, Palo Alto Networks