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NetApp: How data becomes the lifeblood of an organization.

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Project Details

Project Name

NetApp Data Visionary Center


Cloud Data


Sunnyvale, CA

Establishing and elevating a storyline in NetApp's new Data Visionary Center (DVC) to showcase how data must become the lifeblood of an organization – we partnered with NetApp to uncover their unique story, reimagine their Briefing Center, and bring the narrative to life in space.


In a world where technology is changing our everyday lives, digital transformation remains top of mind for executives. In order to be successful, data must become the lifeblood of an organization and seen as a business accelerator. We partnered with NetApp to uncover their unique story, reimagine their Briefing Center and bring the narrative to life in space.

Our Role

  • Brand/Business Strategy
  • Content Production
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Detail Design and Creative Development
  • Digital/Interaction Design
  • Display Fabrication
  • Executive Production
  • Experience Design
  • Positioning & Narrative
  • Pre-Concept and Narrative
  • Rapid Concept Creation
  • Storyline & Customer Journey
  • Trends & Category Insights
  • User Experience


  • Studio O+A
  • PixelFLEX
  • Inhance Digital
  • BBK


We creatively tell NetApp’s story in ways that motivate their customers to think differently about data. Typically, data brings forth a cold, distant feeling that often seems uninspiring and unrelatable. Our narrative centers around the belief that Data is the Lifeblood of Your Business. Open and transparent, data is no longer locked away on devices hidden behind firewalls. It is distributed, dynamic and diverse.

The phrase “data storage” is stale and limiting, so the DVC transforms the idea of storage space to customer business opportunities; not only highlighted in the overall architectural design, but in the various techniques used to bring the data story to life.

A design motif we chose is to consider every surface as a potential source of data. We created a space plan that told our story sequentially through a series of curated spaces, each a different chapter, each a demonstration of the impact data management has behind the scenes. Partnership is a key piece to their story and this design was built to enhance customer and partner relationships and highlight NetApp’s current alliance partners.



The journey follows The Experience Model (Attract/Trust/Inform/Internalize/Act) and begins in the lobby with the design’s most striking Attract feature: the cloud theater. This circular, fully immersive theater is the largest curved LED projection screen structure in the world. The layered glass panels puncture the ceiling plane, creating an architecturally dynamic ‘sculpture’. This design makes the invisible (data) visible, making it personal and showcasing how data is the lifeblood of any business. Through compelling and dynamic visuals, the outside of the theater communicates the key challenges faced across 5 key verticals: healthcare, finance, government, retail, and manufacturing.



Trust is earned as visitors are then welcomed inside the 270-degree theater, where an immersive video plays highlighting how NetApp knows the obstacles customers face and has solutions that can turn them into positive outcomes. The content includes an overall introductory film which is combined with customized case studies by vertical that are seamlessly digitally attached to the introduction by the selection from an iPad.



NetApp’s Data Fabric is their architecture that simplifies and integrates data management across cloud and on-premises to accelerate digital transformation. The fabric graphic design element is first woven into ceiling elements outside the conference rooms where the Inform part of the journey happens. It is also applied to the interior glass walls of the conference rooms where the design can be seen on the exterior and are used as whiteboards on the interior of the rooms. This fabric design element was repeated throughout the DVC on carpets and signage.


The new DVC makes greater use of VR technology than ever before. VR pods allow guests to experience a custom state-of-the-art VR games that allow them to manipulate data to achieve goals. These VR games are played in a very comfortable environment without the futuristic trappings of sci-fi.



Key cloud partners are highlighted in this area through an interactive touch screen display. This area allows for flexible recognition through content management and the architecture mimics that of the “Cloud” at the start of the experience.


The Lab on Demand demonstration area allows customers to learn what is possible now and in the future. Data management is demonstrated through interactive touchscreens so customers can see for themselves how value is delivered with NetApp solutions.



OnCommand Insight (OCI) includes enhanced custom dashboard capabilities to give users an operational view of the data that is important to them and provide a single-stop view of that data. A Bluescape media wall was selected to highlight the OCI dashboard that allows a host to pull up a customized screen of important customer information they might use for managing their own data.


The final experience is a living room like demo space that can be open or secluded depending on confidentiality of the topic. As the customers relax on couches, the leader uses a large interactive screen to work with the customers to begin to develop solutions to their obstacles of managing and leveraging digital transformation.