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Brand Building

Jyve: A cutting-edge brand for a pioneering startup.

Design | Identity | Strategy

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Project Name

Jyve Brand Identity




San Francisco, CA

Hyperquake developed a brand position and identity for Jyve, a gig economy startup that connects brands and retailers with more effective store-level workers at a more efficient cost.


Jyve is poised to reshape the way retailers and brands merchandise their goods. As Jyve prepared to broaden their reach beyond initial test markets, they asked Hyperquake to translate their unique business into a brand position and visual identity built for a wider audience.

Jyve provides a bridge between workers of the gig economy — Jyvers paid for performance, by the task and not by the hour — and mass brands and retailers looking for more effective work at more efficient cost. We built a brand that stood up to both audiences — the brand executives and the Jyvers — with polish, credibility, and clarity.


Jyve’s platform is designed to foster a symbiotic relationship, improving outcomes for the brands and retailers, and improving opportunities for the individual. That’s a pretty unique position in the market — and one we needed to support with a cutting-edge visual identity.

We designed a single logotype with a “J” icon — simple and iconic enough that any Jyver would be instantly recognizable on a retail floor. We implemented a simple color code — bright teal for brand- and retail-facing materials, or sharp red for Jyver-facing pieces. We supported these iconic elements with a broad brand including typography, iconography, palette and photography styles.

We leveraged the new visual brand for a website concept, alongside a suite of supporting collateral, for the Jyve internal team to execute and launch.

Our Role

  • Aspirational Consumer
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand/Business Architecture
  • Brand/Business Strategy
  • Campaign/Activation
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Design
  • Development
  • Digital/Interaction Design
  • Growth Analysis & Scale Strategy
  • Storyline & Customer Journey
  • User Experience



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