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Honeywell: A global narrative, regionally applied.

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Project Name

Honeywell Global Customer Experience Centers




DC, Dubai, Shanghai

We partnered with Honeywell to create three experience centers in different areas of the world, all of which had a common theme, yet were uniquely tailored to the needs of the region they served.


Honeywell helps aircraft, buildings, manufacturing plants, supply chains, and workers become more connected to make our world smarter, safer, and more sustainable. The rapid change in the industrial and commercial sectors from product manufacturing to comprehensive software-based customer solutions is transforming these sectors at a blistering pace. Honeywell enables customers to transform quickly and nimbly, particularly in regions of high growth such as Asia and the Middle East.


Most consumers have no idea what Honeywell does. And for the most part, that’s OK. When it comes to helping an oil refinery run more efficiently and safely, or outfitting a business jet with the latest avionics, decision-makers in these industries may have heard of the company but may not know how Honeywell can serve as a trusted partner with multiple industry-leading solutions.

Honeywell needed a space where it could demonstrate technologies from the C-Suite to the purchasing manager, to the government regulator whose rules have a big impact on the industries Honeywell serves. And demonstrate it in a place that says “we know your market and your region.”

From a 15-minute interaction at a cocktail reception to an immersive day-long customer briefing, Honeywell and Hyperquake developed that space in three very different places: Shanghai, Dubai and Washington, DC. Customers experience immersive Honeywell solutions in person across every industry Honeywell serves. Honeywell has a presence in more than 70 countries across the globe and must tell their story to diverse audiences, customer sets, and industries. For over 15 years, Hyperquake has been building these stories through extensive research and interviews with Honeywell and helping them evolve.


Each center had to educate each visitor on the breadth and depth of Honeywell solutions in multiple and diverse vertical markets. And demonstrate how Honeywell is developing cutting-edge, transformative software-industrial solutions — a far cry from the days of producing widgets. Using Honeywell’s “Power of Connected” theme, we wanted every visitor to leave saying “I had no idea Honeywell did that.”


The customer journey begins with a personalized introduction to Honeywell. Hallways with immersive graphics offer visual primers to Honeywell and its Software-Industrial transformation.

An immersive theater experience customized to each region features a large, motorized panoramic screen with full surround sound. An overview video highlights how Honeywell solutions for a connected world address some of the world’s toughest challenges with examples specific to the region in which the center is located.


Visitors are able then able to experience individual Honeywell solution demonstrations in multiple areas areas with a “Connected” theme (Connected Worker, Connected Plant, etc.). The order in which a visitor experiences these themed areas is customized to each region. Each center takes the visitor on a “Connected” journey with the same storyline through a mixture of interactives, videos, and technology demos in immersive, themed areas that bring the value of Honeywell to life.

Honeywell’s solutions for Connected Buildings & Utilities enable cities that are smarter, safer and more sustainable. Visitors see innovations in real-time energy management and metering. At the Command Wall, visitors can experience advanced facility automation and controls.


Honeywell’s protective gear and Connected Worker software deliver the ultimate level of safety while monitoring, detecting and preventing danger from surrounding environments. Visitors can explore industry-specific innovations in immersive vignettes and even try on a bullet-resistant Spectra® vest.

Visitors can explore Honeywell’s Connected Plant technologies and controls, supply chain solutions, and defense and space portfolio through interactives, technologies and videos. In addition, a full fiberglass fuselage with interactive content allows guests to sit in a pilot’s seat and experience how Honeywell is changing the world of aerospace. The air traffic control tower lets visitors explore Honeywell technologies from the terminal, runway and in-flight.

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“The Honeywell Technology Experience (HTE) is an invaluable tool for our global government relations team. We have educated thousands of critical decision makers and customers about our capabilities with the HTE - from hundreds of members of Congress and their staffs, to the military, federal regulators, cabinet-level ministers from international governments and other important global customers. The HTE showcases Honeywell's products and technologies in a way that is unique in Washington. Members and staff on Capitol Hill remember us. It serves as an incredible venue for events that expose Honeywell to even more influencers. The HTE has proven to be a very effective way to tell our story to anyone who spends even 10 minutes walking through the center. For the past nine years, it's changed the way we do business in Washington.”

Elizabeth L. Rossman, Vice President Government Relations, Honeywell