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Brand Building

Developing a Snack Pack Brand for Global Retail

Design | Identity | Naming

Project Details

Project Name

Snack Pack Launch




Cincinnati, OH

Hyperquake was tasked with developing a healthy, snackable brand for today and tomorrow.

Sprinting Toward a Global Retailer Sales Meeting

Hyperquake was approached to create a new name, visual identity, and brand positioning in the niche market of small snack packs. Knowing you have to move people to move product, we looked for shared values between the brand and the consumer. A brand history of creating a better way overlapped the consumer need of a satisfying on-the-go snack to reveal the shared value of fuel for a powerful, productive day.

Our Role

  • Brand Development
  • Brand Equity
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand/Business Strategy
  • Design
  • Naming
  • Packaging Design
  • Positioning & Narrative
  • Strategic Positioning

The Execution

We started by uncovering industry insights and assessing the competitive landscape.

Insights as Foundation

Those insights grounded our cross-functional naming brainstorm to reveal areas of exploration for the brand.

Exploring New Territory

During the brainstorm, we sought naming territories that pushed the evolution of an affiliate brand into an ownable, differentiated space compared to its competitors.

Carving a new path

We focused on a wide variety of assets for the brand: speaks to convenience and a sense of “on the go,” connotes health, and fresh & organic.

What's in a name?

Get Creative


Names ideated to elevate the brand.

Be Impactful


Met success criteria and rose to the top.



Came out as viable following a preliminary USPTO search.

We then presented our client with the top 3 names that informed 3 visual identity themes.

Spright Snacks Brand Positioning Story


Gone are the days of snacks that bog you down. You don’t have time to feel sluggish, and neither do we. We have accumulated the healthiest bites to help you own your day. From our perfect pairings to our mixed medleys, our packs aren’t standard. Let us elevate your day with a healthy treat that gives you sustenance without weighing you down. Feel the power by eating well.

Designed with retailer and consumer in mind

All design elements, from the hand-lettered logotype to the chalk-like illustrations and torn edges of the packages, were created to not only feel fun and sprightly but also to capture the eye of the on-the-go and convenience snacker’s eye. A bright color palette was used to complement the unique design elements, hero the food within the pack, and allow the brand to stand out on shelf amongst a sea of competition.

Reaching the Retailer

“We had a great showing and were able to really illustrate the story behind Spright Snacks! Without your team’s dedication to this project the past couple of weeks I can confidently say we would not be in the running for new business.”

- Retail Sales Director