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Cummins Lobby Experience: A short look back. A long look forward.

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Project Details

Project Name

Cummins Lobby Experience




Columbus, IN

We partnered with Cummins Inc. to create a new immersive lobby experience that honors the company’s rich 100-year history and highlights how its innovative and dependable technologies are setting the stage for future growth.

When Cummins began a multi-year renovation to its Corporate Office Building, the scope of work included a complete overhaul to the existing museum located inside the lobby. Mostly untouched since it was built in the 80’s, the original exhibit space focused almost solely on Cummins past as well as its engine technology. With a strong desire to create a space more future-focused and inclusive of the company’s expanding portfolio of power solutions, the project quickly evolved from a museum to a full lobby experience. Hyperquake was hired to establish and bring to life a compelling storyline that could be told within the context of the modernist building design. The concrete, glass and unique angles of the architecture presented Hyperquake with many unique challenges to solve.

Our Role

  • Artifact Curation
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand/Business Strategy
  • Content Production
  • Content Strategy and Development
  • Design
  • Digital/Interaction Design
  • Display Fabrication
  • Executive Production
  • Experience Design
  • Positioning and Narrative
  • Storyline and Customer Journey
  • User Experience
  • Vendor Management



  • BBK
  • Ignition Arts
  • Inhance Digital
  • Nor-com
  • Pixel Fiction
  • Ratio
  • Za

Engines as Art

Imagined and designed by the late graphic designer Rudolph de Harak, the Exploded Engine features more than 500 unique engine parts. Assembled entirely by Cummins employees in 1985, this installation is a revered and iconic piece of art. Hyperquake advocated that this structure be repositioned at the entrance to showcase its craftsmanship and honor the company’s history. In its new home with overhead lighting, it creates an immediate wow moment for guests at arrival.


A Short Look Back 

The story is not centered on the past, but now begins to the right of reception with highlights of the people who started it all. Elegant glass casework, directional lighting, simple text treatments, and highly curated objects and artifacts are used throughout the space.


People Past and Present 

Every innovation, every sale made, is powered by people. Employees are the lifeblood of the organization, and every employee, past and present, has a story to tell. In this area of the exhibit, Hyperquake showcased stories featuring how Cummins is investing in employees, customers, partners and the community to power a more prosperous world for all.

All casework in the space has been built for flexibility with movable shelves that while secure, are still easily accessible for updates. To make room for events, the tall cases in the center of the floor are also movable, folding in the center and nesting alongside the perimeter walls.

Special Exhibit Area 

A special exhibit area at the back of the experience was set aside to feature short-term installations such as special events, product launches and traveling exhibits. The special exhibit was outfitted with a monitor, a flexible banner system and temporary wall graphics to allow for an easy and low-cost content refresh in early 2020. Given that 2019 is Cummins’ Centennial year, content in this area featured their campaign messaging of Challenge the Impossible. To help build excitement, Hyperquake created an interactive photo opportunity for guests to dress like company founder Clessie Cummins and leave a note describing how they challenge the impossible in their own lives.

Challenge the Impossible 

While the Cummins of today represents far more than just engines, the company’s history is  synonymous with the world’s leading engine technology, including  its partnership with RAM. For more than 30 years, Cummins has worked with RAM to provide drivers the toughest, most reliable trucks on the road. It’s an important story to tell, but Hyperquake believed that just featuring a truck in the space would be expected. Desiring to create  a “surprise and delight” moment for guests, the team took inspiration from Cummins’ Centennial theme, and challenged the impossible by designing it as an installed element above the floor, enabling visitors to see Cummins technology from a new perspective.