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Brand Building

CoolSculpting: Transforming the Brand From the Inside Out

Design | Identity | Strategy

Project Details

Project Name

CoolSculpting Brand Identity


Medical Aesthetics


Pleasanton, CA

Generating brand impact, loyalty, visibility, and awareness for the body contouring market leader; it starts from within.

After a game-changing Allergan acquisition in 2017, CoolSculpting set out to grow its brand to a new level and we were brought on as partners to the upstream marketing team to assist in inspiring and developing the path to get there.

We started with truth; CoolSculpting is the number one product in non-invasive fat reduction. This laid a solid foundation for the brand but we saw the potential to employ human aspiration and desire. We believed that building a stronger connection through shared values and bringing emotional benefits to the forefront would help people understand the deeper value of what the brand offers. It goes beyond eliminating stubborn fat and clinical results—it builds confidence and gives providers and patients the tools to reach their own goals and potential.

Our Role

  • Aspirational Consumer Development
  • Brand Character
  • Brand Equity
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand/Business Architecture
  • Positioning and Narrative
  • Tone of Voice Development
  • Trends and Category Insights


  • *CoolSculpting collaborates with Hyperquake and other businesses to execute their vision. Some visuals within this case study include work executed by the businesses listed below:
  • Vessel Studios
  • Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB)
  • Second Look Proofing

We helped discover, define, and express a new articulation of the brand that embodied the heart and soul of the passionate innovators behind it; focusing not only on what they do but why they do it. We drove the vision by designing a sophisticated and relevant visual brand identity with comprehensive and strategic guidelines to advise agency partners on how to elevate and unify the way CoolSculpting shows up across various platforms, from television commercials to redesigned consumer and provider websites. 

The result—in 2019, CoolSculpting showed up refreshed and reinvigorated as a premium brand that could inspire people to achieve their body contouring goals and make deeper, more human connections with online audiences. They are setting a new standard in the body contouring industry, rethinking the way they do business and inspiring transformations not only for patients but for themselves.


“I have trusted Hyperquake for years to help me disrupt markets with new products and brand stories. Strategically and creatively, they are an invaluable part of our team.”

Claire Sears, Executive Director Marketing and Head of Innovation, Allergan, Body Contouring