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Brand Building

Buckle Up for Life: Making a difference in more lives. Every child. Every ride.

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Project Name

Buckle Up


Automotive, Safety


Cincinnati, OH

Hyperquake partnered with Buckle Up for Life to reach a wider market of caregivers, and elevate a national car seat safety brand backed by certified passenger safety experts.


The dedicated team of certified child passenger safety experts at Buckle Up for Life is devoted to making every car ride safe for every child. This is done by educating caregivers around the country about safe travels — one family, one car seat, one lesson at a time. In a crowded landscape of social media and the rising skepticism in information outlets, caregivers do not know whose advice to trust.

Buckle Up for Life is partnered with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, the #3 children’s hospital in America, and also with Toyota, a leader in vehicle safety. Hyperquake’s first task was to elevate the Buckle Up for Life brand in the media landscape, and to amplify the expertise of the brand and its partners. After establishing its credibility as a child passenger safety expert, Hyperquake needed to position the Buckle Up for Life team as the accessible thought leaders of their field.


Our Role

  • Brand Character + Tone of Voice
  • Brand Standards
  • Equity Development
  • Social Media Strategy & Execution
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Website Redesign


  • Cincinnati Children's Hospital
  • Toyota
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After developing a deep understanding of the “caregiver,” the consumers, and the institutions seeking grants, we redesigned the Buckle Up for Life website and expanded their social media presence.

The redesigned website offers caretakers the simplified and trusted knowledge they need to travel safely during every phase of their child’s development. The backend of the website helps grant recipients easy resources to run a child passenger safety program. With these updates, the number of website visitors has increased by 28% and the number of web sessions has increased by 45%.

website page design

After establishing new efficiencies through the website redesign, we focused on bolstering the content on the site to add return value to the users. By monitoring topics that users are searching for we were able to craft new content that helped boost organic search rankings and position the brand as thought leaders. 

Lastly, the Hyperquake team focused on the user and built in functions to the site. Interactive quizzes help the user test their car seat knowledge. Step-by-step installation slideshows create ease-of-use for installing a car seat in your own car. Grant application pre-qualifying forms quickly help potential recipients find out if they qualify for a grant partnership before filling out an application. Lastly, a translated version of the site helps reach Buckle Up for Life’s spanish audience. 

Through expanding Buckle Up for Life’s viewer base on more social media platforms, we were able to reach more caregivers in their daily routines. From hosted Q&A’s and live demonstrations caregiver’s were provided real-time opportunities to talk to experts about their safety concerns. By providing bite-sized information on a regular basis to caregivers we were able to spread more awareness for information, broaden the Buckle Up for Life brand and drive more users to the website for in-depth information. 

The work on the Buckle Up for Life website and social media platforms resulted in an overall increase in 72% for unique viewers, 45% in web sessions year over year, and 98% growth in new social platforms.

Reaching New Caregivers


Increase in unique website visitors

Broadening the Brand


Growth on new social media platforms

“The Hyperquake team delivered 
a highly effective website for our entire organization. Through an extensive audit, research and strategy, they have improved our appearance, content, 
website functionality and search 
engine optimization. We are thrilled 
with the results and believe it was a 
worthwhile investment!”

Corazon Ochanda, Program Manager

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Social Media On Phone
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