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Aviatra Accelerators: Aviatras Take Flight.

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Aviatra Accelerators Brand Identity




Cincinnati, OH

Hyperquake teamed up with the strong women of Bad Girl Ventures to revitalize their brand and to create a connection to today’s female entrepreneurs.


Over the years, Bad Girl Ventures has evolved from just a ‘ventures’ company to a resource center that helps female entrepreneurs from ideation to exit and everything in-between. However, their name did not represent this evolution and was easily misunderstood.


Since Bad Girl Ventures’ beginning in 2010, they have enabled women to start and sustain well-managed and profitable businesses. After 7 years of success, they noticed a change not only in the entrepreneurial woman, but in the startup ecosystem as a whole. Bad Girl Ventures came to Hyperquake to help update their brand in a way that represents their position in the market and is relevant to today’s female.


The inspired females at Hyperquake quickly dove into Bad Girl Ventures’ strong history, research of today’s landscape and public interpretation of their brand. Through a co-creation session with Bad Girl Ventures, we began to uncover the multifaceted challenges of what it means to be a female in business. There is an expectation to effortlessly balance being a business owner, a mother, a friend, a sister–a series of roles many women take on. Overall, those who start their own business exude passion and commitment, but in order to pursue their dreams they have to make sacrifices in their lives elsewhere. All of these findings helped us discover who Bad Girl Ventures is in the eyes of their user, and what the brand needed to do to make a connection with these women and move forward.


Embodying the previous spirit of Bad Girl Ventures, Aviatra Accelerators propels the brand forward, embracing and steadying the constant ups and downs that women encounter on their journey through entrepreneurship. Knowing these women have all of the traits of a lover and caregiver, in contrast to their bold strength and determination used in business, we combined a feminine blush tone with rich Army greens that speak toward their dynamic nature. We wanted to give them the feeling that they have matured from “girl” to “woman,” and allow them to proudly wear a symbol with deep meaning–something that evokes passion, strength, and upward movement.


On March 21, Aviatra Accelerators publically shared their new name and identity, and the media took note, sharing ideas in, Cincinnati Business Courier, Soapbox Media, and many other outlets in the Greater Cincinnati area. The new look gives Aviatra Accelerators the opportunity to reach new heights, and we are honored to have been part of the ride.

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  • Grainwell

“When BGV, Inc, embarked on the journey to rebranding, we had no idea what was in store for us. We were excited and anxious at the same time. The Hyperquake team was the perfect fit for us. They immediately grasped and shared our passion for empowering female entrepreneurs. They instinctively knew that empowerment meant so much more than just launching businesses. From start to finish, Hyperquake felt like an extension of our team, and the process that led to Aviatra Accelerators was pure magic. We can’t thank them enough!”

Nancy Aichholz, CEO & President, Aviatra Accelerators