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CAC Free Admission Starts This Weekend!

By Emily Zalla

At the close of January, the Contemporary Arts Center announced it would offer free admission for at least three years beginning this Saturday, February 13. This announcement was made possible with funding from the Johnson Foundation and from the 50, the CAC’s recently founded young patrons circle. (This is just the latest in a string of such moves across the country, including MoMA PS1 and the Hammer Museum.)

The whole Hyperquake team was so excited to hear this enormous news. Not only will free admission encourage a broader local and national audience to engage with the museum (beyond the 86,000 annual visitors it already draws), but it also offers designers downtown a more easily accessible source of creative inspiration—which can come from anywhere. We look forward to wandering the galleries of the CAC on lunch breaks and quick inspiration trips for years to come.

If you’re looking to celebrate this move too, the CAC has several events scheduled to ring in the new policy. This Friday evening, check out the opening night of Passage, a survey of the sculptural work of Korean-American artist Do Ho Suh. Or visit this Saturday or Sunday to celebrate the CAC’s first free weekend, with special events including a curator-guided tour of Suh’s exhibit, a chance to meet The 50, and activities for younger visitors.

Also on current display is an exhibition of sculptural works by Mexican artist Pia Camil, along with athoughtful reflection on the 25th anniversary of the controversial Robert Mapplethorpe show that placed Cincinnati at the center of an (at times vitriolic) national discussion of art and protected speech.

We’re so happy the CAC has made this commitment to its visitors—furthering a growing pattern of Cincinnati citizens and organizations making downtown more hospitable and accessible space for everyone. We can’t wait to see what this city does next.

Learn more about The 50: The group that made the CAC free.

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