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Hyperquake’s Dialogue at #BrandStrat16

By Molly Baker

Humans have a relationship with their brands, in the same way that we have a romantic relationship with other humans. The same rules apply, and we all know you either grow together or grow apart. We joke that digital dialogue between businesses and customers is a bit like online dating—tons of data, profiles, both meaningful and meaningless connections, and different ways to have a dialogue. We are constantly inundated with brands trying to connect with us and build a meaningful relationship with us.

The dialogue that once began at a brand level and was directed to the consumer has evolved into a multi-directional, multi-platform conversation. A brand must not only speak but listen to its tribe, updating and editing itself based on feedback. As digital, mobile and social tools become ever more native to consumers, marketing’s ability to drive impact through paid media is steadily declining. Brand teams that don’t aggressively change how they develop communications will lose their grip on customer relevance.


In order to exchange ideas on this subject, Hyperquake’s Creative Director, Dan Barzack, and I, Hyperquake’s Director of Strategy, are heading out to Los Angeles to participate and speak at the Brand Strategy Innovation Summit on September 15 & 16. #BrandStrat16 will focus on “Maintaining Brand Narrative in a Digital Age to Strengthen Customer Loyalty.” We’ll be presenting alongside 20th Century FoxLexusVogueNFLNikeHPand an amazing roster of industry experts and leaders.


Hyperquake has worked with all types of brands, from local startups to 175-year-old global brands. Both sides of that spectrum share the end goal of reaching their consumers, but each has unique issues when it comes to the strategy needed to reach their goal. On one side, the startup needs to build fresh loyalty with a group of people they don’t know yet, whereas the established brand needs to figure out how to stay relevant to their consumers in the modern landscape.

Recently, we had a conversation in the office about how everyone in the brand world now considers themselves Brand Storytellers—so what’s next? Will we become Brand Rejuvenists? Brand Psychiatrists? Brand Therapists? How will we build a bridge between the consumers of the future and the brands of today? At Hyperquake, we consider ourselves to be Brand Evolutionists, rooting much of our work in human values, drivers and insights, regardless of the output. As humans, our basic needs don’t change, but how we meet them does. This will be the anchor of our conversation at #BrandStrat16—how to maintain a brand narrative by looking for shared values.

On September 15 at the #BrandStrat16, we’ll share with you how to tap into your brand’s potential by leveraging your target audience’s aspirational wants, needs and values—to keep your brand evolving and your consumers happy.


Get your tickets here. And if you can’t make it out to LA, don’t worry: We’ll share more of our perspective here after the conference, so stay tuned.

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