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Artifacts: Technology Report

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From science fiction to reality, superpowers are becoming attainable as a result of streamlined innovation. In the past we saw technology as an accessory; now we see it as integral. Out with industrial-revolution culture and in with tech-age societal disruption. This shift shows humans now value convenience, immediacy and intrigue.

What this Means for You

Expectations are higher than ever: you must streamline the customer experience, cater to convenience and look for ways to disrupt your industry in order to stay relevant.


Disclaimer: The following views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this section belong solely to the attributed sites. They are not a reflection of the views of Hyperquake.

2020 Presidential Candidate, Andrew Yang, Campaigning via Hologram

Last election, the bid for presidency shifted from its traditional format to a pop-culture playground. 2020 promises more of the same, as we see the desire for novelty, efficiency and speed increase. This will require businesses to be proactive and nimble.

What are the long-held beliefs, or ways of doing business, in your industry that could stand to be questioned?

Scientists Figure out how to Lift and Move Objects Using Only Light

Levitation isn’t a far-fetched sci-fi trope anymore. Using nanoscale surface patterns and lasers, this technology has potential for applications such as space travel and manufacturing. Research in this field of technology shows values have shifted towards exploration and sustainability.

How can you reconfigure packaging to work multi-functionally, integrate skill sets across fields, or even delve into new transportation methods?

Neuralink One Step Closer to Merging the Computer and the Brain

Imagine instantly downloading foreign languages into your brain, being able to communicate telepathically, or using technology to cure ailments of the brain, like memory loss or Parkinson’s disease. Elon Musk’s Neuralink inspires a future where that would be possible. As we continue developing the value of knowledge, immediacy and connection, new tech seeks to provide it.

What knowledge do you have to share with your consumers, and how can you make it a seamless integration in their lives?   

The Hyperquake Way


We use the trend forecasting STEEP model, which enables us to look for artifacts that are shaping the way people think, feel, and behave. By studying these artifacts, we uncover insights that drive deeper connections between people, brands, and businesses. Understanding the elements and context of the culture that is driving behavior ultimately drives better business.

How will you use these findings to disrupt your industry?

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