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Artifacts: Environment Report

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Many factors make up the environment: pollution (air, water, noise), resources (renewable/non renewable, food, land), weather patterns and natural disasters. As accountability and sustainability increasingly drive consumer decisions, brands and businesses need to be ready to respond to demands.

What this Means for You

Your business should operate like a human being that is a part of, not apart from, the environment.


Disclaimer: The following views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this section belong solely to the attributed sites. They are not a reflection of the views of Hyperquake.

Mourners Commemorate the Loss of Okjokull Glacier, which has Died at the Age of About 700

After the loss of a glacier in Iceland, mourners felt they had lost a piece of themselves, their memory, and their culture. The inscription is a bold statement to the future: “This monument is to acknowledge that we know what is happening and what needs to be done. Only you know if we did it.” Lack of action and rising anxiety is causing a shift away from looking at others to solve problems and towards individual accountability. Businesses and brands need to engage as if they are human beings, in a symbiotic relationship with the environment, and therefore have something to lose.

Think of how you and your business are parts of the environment. How can you make a statement that empowers consumers? 

Prince Harry Launches Sustainable Travel Initiative, Industry Takes Similar Action

The travel industry is taking action to curb its negative impact on the environment. From flight-shaming to marketing plans that create sustainable tourism patterns, the industry is embracing a mindset shift. Travel is moving from solely chasing money, to chasing sustainability. Other industries are moving to the same preservation mindset, as hot topics like fast fashion and wasteful packaging create backlash amongst consumers.

What toll does your industry take on the environment? How can you move toward being not only environmentally sustainable, but institutionally sustainable?

Photo credit: CAUSEBOX™

CauseBox, Better Products for a Better World

CPG brands have been finding success in subscriptions to educate and expose consumers to new products and ideas without too much of an investment. CauseBox is a subscription service that touches on many CPG categories like beauty products, accessories, and home decor. What’s special about this subscription is each package is filled with goods from brands that have committed to a cause, recognized their role in the environment, and are taking a stand. Consumers are calling out for smarter solutions, demanding companies address packaging, pollution and ethics. The ones who respond will be rewarded.

Ask yourself if you’re taking the easy way out. How can you create smarter, sustainable solutions that resonate with the consumer’s heart for the problems we face?

The Hyperquake Way


We use the trend forecasting STEEP model, which enables us to look for artifacts that are shaping the way people think, feel, and behave. By studying these artifacts, we uncover insights that drive deeper connections between people, brands, and businesses. Understanding the elements and context of the culture that is driving behavior ultimately drives better business.

How will you use these findings to disrupt your industry?

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