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Announcing the 2018 Do Good Initiative

By Dan Barczak

We’ve always been proud to call Cincinnati home since the day Hyperquake was first founded in 1986. In our experience, the people who make their home here are always ready to stick by the Queen City through thick and thin. Last year, in a celebration of our hometown and the incredible community that surrounds us, we launched our Do Good Initiative. Over a weekend in October, we shared our abilities with a worthy local nonprofit now called Fourthwall Youth Studios (formerly Stages for Youth) and evolved their brand from the inside out. (Check out the full story here — it’s worth your time.)

This year, we’re so excited to continue our support of deserving local change-makers, with our second annual Do Good Initiative.


Creating a brand that truly reflects your values takes time, funds, and a lot of hard work, and we know it can be difficult for 501(c)(3) organizations to identify funds to evolve their brand to better support their mission. We want to give that opportunity to a deserving organization that wouldn’t otherwise have access to what we do. We want to do what’s right.

We also know that there are so many creative people in this community who have a lot of heart for the city — many of whom we’ve had the opportunity to work with. We love the idea of bringing together creatives beyond just the branding industry, in order to encourage collaboration and community involvement, and inspire each other and the rest of our city.


This summer, we’ll accept written applications and conduct interviews with local nonprofits who believe their mission and reach could benefit from our ability to evolve with purpose. On Friday, October 12th and Saturday, October 13th, 2018, the chosen organization will attend a 2-day brand development event with us. They’ll have the opportunity to work with Hyperquake strategists, designers, and project leaders to develop their brand into something their stakeholders can continue to be proud of. Depending on the chosen organization’s needs, we’ll also partner with talented locals to provide other creative services in support of the new brand, like photography, collateral printing, or production. Our goal is for the chosen organization to leave the event absolutely up to the gills in new brand materials that will help them serve more people and touch more hearts.


The written application for The Do Good Initiative will go live on the Do Good website on June 1, 2018. All applicants will need to submit their application by 11:59PM on June 30, 2018.

A short list of finalists will be invited for in-person interviews between July 16-27. The chosen organization will be notified and announced no later than July 31, 2018.


Thanks for asking! The best thing you can do is spread the word. If you know someone who’s involved with a nonprofit or foundation, send them some info about the Initiative! Better yet, share it on your social media. The more folks we reach, the better chance we have to find the right organization to continue to impact this incredible community!

If you’re a creative, we’re also always looking for local freelance or agency partners who are interested in offering their services to the selected nonprofit. Services for which we may need volunteers could include photography, videography, collateral printing or production, copywriting, or web development. If you’d like to throw your hat in the ring, send us an email at [email protected].


Your support means the world to us. Ask us questions, send us deserving organizations, and raise your hand if you want to be a part of this with us. Simplify. Inspire. Do good.

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